ISIS Advances in Ramadi–and America

What happens over there matters over here.

While ISIS is dominating the headlines again after its brutal conquest of the strategic Iraqi city of Ramadi, in Anbar Province, this past weekend, the threat posed by the Islamic State is increasingly being felt much closer to home. The recent targeting of a Mohammed cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas by ISIS supporters should have been a major wakeup call. ISIS’s goal is to have a network of supporters and sympathizers in place in America to carry out the kind of smaller-scale, low tech, inexpensive attack seen in Garland (and in Ottawa, Paris, Sydney, New York City, Oklahoma, Paris and Copenhagen in recent months) in U.S. cities on a regular basis, creating a tense, guerilla war-style atmosphere.

As my latest report for CBN News shows, U.S. officials believe that ISIS is well on its way to having such a support network in place in the homeland.

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