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Imagine walking the sunny hillsides of the Sea of Galilee, near the place where Jesus taught His disciples. Picture yourself praying beneath the olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane or gazing upon the Mount of Olives where Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Or visualize yourself being baptized in the Jordan River. We can share these unforgettable moments together in the land of the Bible on my upcoming Dateline Jerusalem Israel tour.

I’ll be joined on this tour by my friend and colleague Chris Mitchell, CBN’s Middle East Bureau Chief and host of Dateline Jerusalem. Together, we’ll walk you through the places where the Old and New Testaments were written, where so many biblical events took place, and where current events continue to set the stage for Christ’s return. Nothing enriches a believer’s faith like a trip to the Holy Land. As we travel from one historical site to another, learning what the Bible has to say about the times in which we live, you’ll find your understanding of God’s Word—and Israel’s place in the world—deepening like never before.

We can’t wait to share this life-changing experience with you. Join us November 3–13, 2015 in Israel!

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