Stakelbeck on Stage and Screen March 23rd

My good friends at the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) are hosting an event for my new book, “ISIS Exposed” tonight near Washington, D.C. C-Span’s cameras will be there recording and it will be a wonderful evening, including a Q and A after my talk.

EMET was also kind enough to host a great event for my last book, “The Brotherhood,” which you can watch at C-Span’s website here. That event got a tremendous response and I’m sure tonight’s will, too.

Get all the details on how you can attend tonight’s event here and please support the work of EMET, a vital organization led by my good friend, the courageous Sarah Stern.

Four Blood Moons Film Debuts Tonight

As a Philly native, I always secretly dreamed that my feature film debut would be as an extra in one of the “Rocky” sequels. But tonight, I’ll be appearing in a new documentary film called “Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change” that is playing in movie theatres nationwide for a one-day run today, March 23rd. Check out your local listings to see when and where the film is playing near you. It is based on Pastor John Hagee’s blockbuster book of the same name that I covered for CBN News in interviews with Pastor Hagee here and here.

I’ve had a chance to see an advance copy of the film and it is entertaining, compelling and thought provoking. Plus, it looks great–see trailer here. I highly recommend it–for such a time as this!