Stakelbeck Speaking on Iran Deal, Israel and ISIS

I’ll be hitting the road for some important speaking engagements over the next few weeks, warning about the catastrophic Iran nuclear deal and the continuing threat of ISIS at home and abroad. On Monday night, August 17th, I’ll be speaking at a “Jerusalem Call” event at Pastor Mark Biltz’s El Shaddai Ministries in Tacoma, Washington (I’ll also be with El Shaddai again in October for a CUFI Night to Honor Israel–more details to come on that event).

On September 8th, I’ll be addressing the annual ACT for America National Conference in Washington, D.C. This event will feature ACT founder Brigitte Gabriel, plus Aayan Hirsi Ali, Gen. Thomas McInerney and other great speakers.

On September 14th, it’s on to Pensacola, FL for another Jerusalem Call event, sponsored by the Israel Allies Foundation, at Jubilee International Ministries.

And on September 19th, I’ll be addressing the Truth for a New Generation conference at First Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC, along with Alveda King, bestselling author Lee Strobel and Todd Starnes of Fox News.

The calendar is also filling up for October–more details to come on those events, including three very important CUFI Nights to Honor Israel on the West Coast.

I hope to see you in my travels as I advocate to keep America and Israel strong and secure!