The Year of Homegrown Jihad: Already 41 U.S. Citizens Arrested on Terror-Related Charges in 2015

I knew it was bad.

And as I’ve documented many times recently, getting worse–seemingly by the day.

But upon first glance, the number of American citizens that have been arrested by U.S. authorities this year for supporting ISIS and other Islamic terror groups still stunned me.

My friend Patrick Poole, one of America’s leading investigative journalists and a top authority on all the latest developments in the global jihad, wrote this week that no less than 41 U.S. citizens have been arrested on Islamic terrorism charges—overwhelmingly ISIS-related—since January 1st of this year alone.

To put it in even more stark terms, that averages out to roughly two U.S. citizens arrested every week since the beginning of this year for supporting ISIS. And according even to Obama administration officials, not exactly the most forthcoming bunch when it comes to admitting the severity of the jihadist threat, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. ISIS is not only metastasizing in the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa and beyond. It is steadily building up a dangerous network here in the West.

According to Poole:

With the number of homegrown Islamic terror operatives increasing rapidly and the calls by Islamic terror group overseas for attacks on the American homeland coming more regularly, it seems to be only a matter of time before we see another successful attack on American soil in the manner of the Boston bombing, the Fort Hood massacre, and the Little Rock Army recruiting center killing. Or perhaps a larger scale attack, as in Mumbai in November 2008.

While weak-kneed Western leaders engage in verbal contortions, struggling vainly to disassociate ISIS from Islam and kowtowing to the murderous Iranian regime, Islamic jihadists declare war upon the United States and actively seek to murder us, our children and our grandchildren. History will judge us on how we respond–and if we continue upon our current suicidal course, the verdict will be harsh.