Tonight on TBN: Exploring Ancient Christian Tombs in the Galilee

At a time when the UN is denying the Jewish and Christian heritage of Jerusalem–a heritage that dates back centuries before Islam’s prophet Mohammed was born–it seems that the international community needs a refresher course on Israel’s history, not to mention the roots of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Accordingly, this week on “The Watchman show,” sponsored by Christians United for Israel, we examine the roots of Christianity, which lie in Israel. After all, while the message of Jesus has spread around the world, it started in Israel–and we take a fascinating trip to the upper Galilee region to explore the ancient tombs of some of the earliest followers of Jesus. We also head to Biblical Beitsaida to learn how the miracle of the loaves and fishes described in the Gospels matters for your life today.

Be sure to tune in or DVR tonight at 11:30 pm Eastern (10:30 pm Central, 8:30 pm Pacific) on TBN. Here is a quick sneak peek at tonight’s show:


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