Tonight on TBN: The Truth About the Temple Mount

It was the latest in a long line of UN outrages against Israel.

The United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization–UNESCO for short–recently passed a resolution denying any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. It referred to the site only by its Muslim name, “Haram al-Sharif,” and called Israel “the occupying power.” In addition, there was no mention of the two Jewish temples that stood on the site during Biblical times.

These are the types of lies about Israel that are increasingly gaining traction today, and not just in Islamist backwaters and far Left fever swamps. Indeed, France, Russia, Spain, Slovenia and Sweden all supported the above mentioned UNESCO Resolution.

That’s why our team at Christians United for Israel believes this week’s edition of “The Watchman” is one of our most important yet. Our theme this week is setting the record straight about Israel–including the truth about the Temple Mount. We sit down with Israel’s former Ambassador to the United States (and most recently, former Deputy Foreign Minister) Danny Ayalon to correct the record on a number of falsehoods, including Temple denial and Israel’s heritage and history.

We’ll also feature a fascinating segment on the Temple Mount Sifting Project, a major effort led by legendary Israeli archaeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkay to recover ancient, Biblical-era artifacts that Islamic authorities on the Temple Mount tried to destroy.

You can watch tonight on TBN at 11:30 pm Eastern (8:30 pm Pacific, 10:30 pm Central) or set your DVR’s. And in case you missed last week’s episode, featuring my in-depth discussion with the former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Gen. Benny Gantz, click on the viewer below to watch.


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