Tonight on TBN: The Watchman Explores Ancient Jerusalem

It’s been quite a busy week in the wake of the horrific Islamic terror attack in Orlando, as I’ve made the media rounds discussing the growing jihadist threat to the U.S. homeland, Europe and Israel. It’s a phenomenon I explored at length in my 2015 book, “ISIS Exposed,” and going back even further, in my 2011 book, “The Terrorist Next Door,” which was written when ISIS had not yet even arrived on the scene in its current form. Sadly, over five years after its release date, the latter book remains more relevant than ever.

I’ll have much more about the global jihadist threat to Israel and the West in upcoming episodes of “The Watchman” show, seen exclusively on TBN, and in my appearances for Christians United for Israel, including our annual Washington Summit on July 18th and 19th, which I strongly urge you to attend (you can register here at a special discounted rate). But in the meantime, on tonight’s show, we travel back in time, from our current troubled days to 3,000 years ago, as we take a fascinating journey through ancient Jerusalem to explore the roots of the very Judeo-Christian civilization that ISIS and its ilk seek to destroy.

The City of David–site of ancient Jerusalem–is one of the most visited sites in all of Israel and is a virtual map of the Bible: from Hezekiah’s tunnel, to the Pool of Siloam, to the Road of Pilgrimage up to the ancient Temple, to the place some believe may have been the site of King David’s palace. On tonight’s show, Ze’ev Orenstein, Director of International Affairs for the City of David Foundation and a master storyteller, brings the Bible to life as he walks us through ancient Jerusalem and explains the significance of each site, including an amazing “big reveal” at the end of the show that left me in awe. Ze’ev shows in great detail how Jerusalem has been and always will be the eternal capital of Israel and the Jewish people.

It’s always fun to put on my “Indiana Jones” hat and explore Biblical Israel, and I hope you enjoy tonight’s show as much I enjoyed filming it. You can tune in to TBN or set your DVR’s for 11:30 pm EST (8:30 PST, 10:30 CST), to watch. And in case you missed last week’s show, filmed in the city of Sderot in southern Israel and focusing on the Hamas threat, you can click on the viewer below to watch.