Tonight on TBN: The Watchman on the “Iransom” Debacle

It’s received a $400 million dollar ransom payment from the Leader of the Free World, forged an alliance with Russia and planted terrorist proxies on Israel’s borders.

I’m referring, of course, to Iran, which is rapidly expanding its influence throughout the Middle East as the West offers all carrots, no sticks and a healthy dose of shameless appeasement in response. Not surprisingly, the Iranian regime is now upping the ante.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, “[Iran] is preparing to launch three new satellites into space, renewing concerns from defense experts about Iran’s ongoing research into long-range ballistic missile technology that could help it fire a nuclear weapon at Western nations.”

This week on The Watchman show with Christians United for Israel, we examine Iran’s rise and the disastrous effects of the $400 million ransom payment delivered by the Obama administration to the Iranian regime back in January.

It’s clear that America and Israel are in Iran’s crosshairs. Yet Israel has a very powerful Ally on its side–and I’m not referring to a nation-state.

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