Tonight on TBN: The Watchman on the Struggle for the Free World

As America gets ready to elect a new Commander-in-Chief, the threat of radical Islam continues to grow. This week on “The Watchman” show with Christians United for Israel, we head to one of the frontlines of the fight, on Israel’s border with Syria, to interview Yisrael Ne’eman, author of the new book “Hamas Jihad.” Ne’eman, an Israeli historian and political analyst, breaks down the deadly jihadist ideology that threatens us all and the ultimate goals of our enemy.

We also visit Israel’s northern Galilee region with historian Eldad Keynan for a fascinating look at an ancient Byzantine column that reveals much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Jewish roots of Christianity. You can watch or DVR tonight’s show on TBN at 11:30 pm Eastern (10:30 pm Central, 8:30 pm Pacific). For a quick sneak peek, click here:


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