Tonight on TBN: The Watchman On The Stunning Growth of Christianity Inside Iran

As coronavirus challenges our lives in unprecedented ways, our CUFI Watchman team continues to produce cutting-edge new material to inform and encourage viewers during these troubling times.

Tonight, on a brand new episode of The Watchman show on TBN, we’re in Jerusalem to discuss a great, largely untold story: the stunning and rapid growth of Christianity in Iran and the grave challenges faced by believers there. Plus, Watchman correspondent Raj Nair travels to Guatemala and Colombia to see how Israeli aid workers are on the ground helping victims of catastrophic tragedies in those two countries.

Christianity growing, against all odds, inside Iran of all places? Israelis on the ground helping Latin America in a time of greatest need, once again showing that Israel is stepping into its Biblical destiny as a light unto the nations? These are encouraging reminders that even as the coronavirus crisis rages, God still sits on the throne and is moving in wonderful ways.

Tune in tonight at 10:30 pm Eastern on TBN to watch this new episode The Watchman, or catch it on TBN this Sunday at 4 pm Eastern or Sunday night at 12:30 am Eastern on the Fox Business Network.

Click here to watch the trailer for tonight’s show. And in case you missed last week’s show, on the true history of Jerusalem, watch here.

Tonight’s Watchman show segments and many more were filmed, thankfully, before international travel restrictions were put in place due to coronavirus. We’ve got plenty of great original material in the can that we’ll be rolling out over the next several weeks on TBN and Fox Business.

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Have a great weekend and may God bless and protect you and your family during this difficult time. He will bring us through it!