Tonight on TBN: The Watchman Visits the Lebanon Border aka “Hezbollah Land”

Ever since 9/11, Americans have become all too familiar with the atrocities of al Qaeda and ISIS. Yet there is another Islamic terror group that may be even more dangerous.

Hezbollah–a creation and proxy of the Iranian regime–currently possesses up to 150,000 rockets and missiles that are pointed at every inch of Israel.

But Hezbollah’s nefarious activities are not confined to its Lebanon home base.

According to New York Congressman Peter King–former Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee–U.S. officials believe there are hundreds of Hezbollah operatives on U.S. soil.

It’s another sign of the group’s growing global reach, a point that our team at Christians United for Israel has tried to hammer home. Over the years, Hezbollah has carried out deadly terror attacks in Europe and Latin America, with full support and direction from its Iranian masters.

This week on “The Watchman” show on TBN, we travel to Israel’s border with southern Lebanon–Hezbollah country–to break down the Hezbollah threat to Israel and America. Former Israeli intelligence official Avi Melamed–author of the great new book “Inside the Middle East“–is once again our expert guide.

Don’t miss “The Watchman” from the Lebanon border, tonight on TBN at 11:30 pm Eastern (10:30 Central, 8:30 Pacific).

And in case you missed last week’s episode, featuring my interview with Pastor Saeed Abedini–who was recently released from an Iranian prison after four years of brutal captivity for refusing to renounce his faith in Jesus–click on the viewer below.