Tonight on TBN: The Watchman Visits the Legendary Fortress of Masada

It’s one of the most legendary fortresses in the world and a place that still has tremendous symbolism and meaning for Israelis today: Masada. On this week’s episode of “The Watchman” show with Christians United for Israel (CUFI), we head to the Judean desert with renowned Israeli archaeologist and guide Danny “The Digger” Herman to learn the fascinating true story about this inpenetrable stronghold. The Roman siege. The Jewish rebels. And a fateful decision that has echoed throughout history.

Tune in or DVR tonight at 11:30 pm Eastern (10:30 pm Central, 8:30 pm Pacific) on TBN for a visually stunning tour through Masada and its incredible heritage. For a sneak preview of tonight’s show, click here:


And in case you missed last week’s episode, watch here: