Tonight on TBN: The Watchman in Paris Reporting on France’s Struggle Against Islamic Terror and Anti-Semitism

In the wake of last week’s horrific Barcelona terror attack, it’s clear that Europe remains squarely in the crosshairs of ISIS and other Islamic jihadist movements. No European country has been affected more by this ongoing terrorist onslaught than France.

On tonight’s new episode of “The Watchman” show presented by Christians United for Israel, we’re on the ground in Paris to document the rise of ISIS and anti-Semitism in France, how the French are fighting back, and how it affects America and Israel. You can tune in or DVR exclusively on TBN tonight at 10:30 pm Eastern (9:30 pm Central, 7:30 pm Pacific).

Our Paris show follows two similar shows we filmed recently in Great Britain (watch here and here).

And click here to watch a sneak peek of tonight’s show.