Tonight on TBN: The Watchman on the Top 10 Discoveries That Prove Israel’s Ancient Claim to Jerusalem (Part 1)

The UN says it’s “illegally occupied” by Israel. In fact, UNESCO declared that blatant falsehood again just this week. In the meantime, Islamic terrorists say they’ll conquer it and make it the capital of a new caliphate. I’m talking about the city of Jerusalem–the most coveted piece of real estate in the world. Yet according to the Bible, Jerusalem belongs to God almighty and he’s given it to Israel forever.

Join us this week on Christians United for Israel’s “The Watchman” show on TBN for an amazing tour through the ancient City of David and the top 10 archaeological discoveries that prove the Jewish people’s ancestral, Biblical claim to the city of Jerusalem. Tough luck, UN. It’s Part 1 of a special 2 Part series tonight–tune in live or DVR at 10:30 pm Eastern (9:30 pm Central, 7:30 pm Pacific) only on TBN. Here is a sneak peek.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.