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Catch Erick each week on Erick Stakelbeck Tonight and The Watchman on TBN and FBN.

About Erick

Erick Stakelbeck is a leading geopolitical analyst and commentator known for his biblically grounded insights on The Watchman, The Stakscast, and Stakelbeck Tonight on TBN.


With over 20 years of experience covering the Middle East and authoring multiple bestselling books, he brings a unique and informed perspective to global audiences.

Award winning TV Host

Catch Erick each week on Stakelbeck Tonight and The Watchman Show on TBN and FBN.

Stakelbeck Tonight

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Stakelbeck Tonight is a dynamic and engaging Christian talk show that delves into a wide range of topics from a faith-based perspective. Hosted by acclaimed journalist and author Erick Stakelbeck, the show provides viewers with insightful commentary, thought-provoking interviews, and in-depth analysis on issues impacting the Christian community and beyond.

The Stakcast

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